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“Slow food” – fosters community awareness of food that is good, clean and fair – the food we eat should taste good and should be good for us

Chef Chris uses the freshest local produce sourced primarily from local farmers, suppliers and the Maleny’s Maple Street businesses, in his constantly evolving menu created from a “slow food” philosophy.

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Variety of fresh, handmade, steamed dumplings

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Worms Downunder is a family operated company situated in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Established in 2005, Worms Downunder manufactures worm farm and composting systems and also supplies compost worms and vermiculture products. Worms Downunder operates Australia wide with distributors in several states.

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Wine and pizzas, a great combination, relaxing in a real winery

Kingsley Grove Estate was founded by the Berry family in 1998 and is operated by the family.  Michael and Patricia developed the concept of the vineyard and the site location for the winery whilst undertaking Viticulture studies at Melbourne University and until recently ran the whole production themselves. The vines are now looked after by Stewart, giving Mike and Pat a well deserved rest. Their son, Simon has been making our boutique wine now for 7 years and loving it.

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Enjoy the tastes from Tomarata at any time of the day or year

We are passionate about keeping Australian lychees on the table all year round, be it in the form of fresh fruit or a value added product from our delicious range of award winning liqueurs, gluten and preservative free conserves, condiments and balsamic vinegars.

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Magnesium has been labelled the Master Mineral, an essential mineral for cardiac health and all muscles and nerves within the human body.  Without Magnesium in the body, calcium may not be fully utilized in the body.

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It’s all about the BEES… nourish yourself naturally

When you purchase the Hello Honey Brand you are supporting two beekeeping families who utilise organic principles when extracting honey from their hives.  Our honey is obtained from Australian native bush and not sprayed crops.

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We are passionate about ensuring that we produce superior quality strawberries, in order to achieve this – we are involved every step of the way

We are a family owned and operated strawberry farm in Wamuran which is nestled on the outskirts of Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Where, we produce luscious, juicy strawberries, during Queensland’s winter season, May to October.

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Our beautiful Woodfire Ovens heat up to 400 degrees Celsius to give you the crisp crust of any good restaurant pizza.

Next time you’re planning a party or corporate outdoor event, rather than pulling in an uninventive spit roast, struggling with the BBQ gas bottle, spending multitudes on flash caterers or calling out for delivery pizzas, why not bring our chefs to your place?

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All soaps are locally made by hand milked goats at Debngarry Farm, in Herberton, Far North Queensland.

Goats milk soap is a gentle natural soap which does not dry your skin. It is ideal for people and animals that suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and sensitive skin. It is also great for babies with nappy rash.

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Country Harvest began to make something special in 1993, when the unique flavours of the Australian Bush were introduced to the very finest chutneys, jams, mustards and conserves. This was a new and somewhat daring step to take but the results were – in a word – extraordinary.

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the maleny pie guy bakes pies, pasties and sausage rolls fresh on site. this is where i let you know where i’ll be baking fresh next…

We have a diverse selection of beautiful gum trees to suit any soil type. Visit our nursery to learn more. Native plants. Native plants and animal books. Tree guards.

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If you’re looking for that perfect treat to have with your coffee, then this is the stall to visit. Rob and Letisha have a large range of old fashioned home baked biscuits, cakes, slices and macarons, all baked by Letisha in her commercial kitchen in Gympie.

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Italian street food - family recipes handed down for your enjoyment

Arancini Balls – hand rolled/seasonal flavours, 4 different flavours to choose from served with mixed leaf balsamic dressing salad – ??? Home made napoli. Tuscan pork belly rolls. Italian beef foccacia.

Our ancestors use herbs and seeds in their daily diet

Hierba Santa is passionate about bringing our roots to the world, we are very proud to present the lifestyle of our ancestors, great and wise civilizations as The Aztecs and Mayans.

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We make sweet and savoury french style crepes using fresh and local ingredients. We cook the crepes right in front of our customers. We offer a gluten free option as well as a vegetarian and only use free range eggs.


Each product is truly hand-made under best-practice HACCP Food Safety Program procedures to ensure optimal product quality, visual appeal and flavour.

Stella May Fine Foods philosophy is to allow your entertaining flair to shine by making our product range easy to serve, look delicious and taste even better.  And of course, to be shared … although many customers admit devouring the whole thing themselves!

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Great anytime, exercising, camping, bush walks and just for the heck of it because it’s yummy

Tantalise your taste buds with Jerky King marinated beef jerky. Made only from the best Australian grade beef this will be the best jerky you have ever had.

  • All natural ingredients, with the best herbs and spices
  • Made in small batches to maximise quality and flavour
  • Well recognised as a high protein, low in fat snack

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I learn as much from my customers as they do from me and it’s wonderful to see them return week after week

Scott Mathias is the creator of the iLifeFoods range of digestive health and plant protein solutions, and an advocate of a RAW VEGAN Food lifestyle to promote and maintain excellent good health. He also promotes and teaches the concept of self-healing as an Integrative Health Coach, through personal coaching and online broadcasts.

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We blend only the finest artisanal teas, and certified organic, local roots, shoots and fruits to create a refreshing fermented beverage that's packed with flavor and goodness.

Over the years our love affair for fermenting has expanded to the point where nearly all surface area of our kitchen counter tops have sprouted an assortment of flint glass jars, ceramic pots, and bottles of all shapes and sizes. We have launched crock pots of sauerkraut, hexagonal jars for yoghurt, old milk bottles for kefir, and parachute-style muslin for our curds and whey to make house cheeses.

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Oh my god! I'm sitting here eating your Longaniza sausages CC, I think I'm in love.

A local business in Woolooga, Qld that specialised in handmade fine food products such as Chutneys, Pickles, Relishes, Jams/Jellies, Springrolls. CC’s Kitchen products can be found in speciality shops and butcher shops, trade shows/festivals or at markets around the region from Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tin Can Bay, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area.

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We are passionate about creating delicious and sometimes unusual flavours and at any one time we have at least 12 flavours on offer, both fruit-based and coconut cream based.

Call them what you will – icy poles, ice pops, popsicles, ice lollies, paddle pops, paletas – we call them iceblocks and we make the best iceblocks you have ever eaten!  It’s simple really. We take high quality raw ingredients like coconut cream, seasonal fruit, Belgian chocolate, and real vanilla beans, then we blend and juice, poach and roast, caramelise and toast, mix and snap freeze them.


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We are passionate about sprouts (can you tell?), raw & cooked whole foods and cultured/fermented foods & drinks. We want to help you create a balanced & healthy gut flora for optimal health and vitality!

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Apothecary juice, subscription box's, wholefood cleanse programmes.

Devinebodies is a cold pressed juicery, wholefood cleanse program and subscription box Co. We make healthy easy!

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The best strawberries I have ever tasted . Better then you find in the city

Pick your own strawberries on our farm throughout June, July, August, September and November.  Enjoy fresh strawberries at our cafe open FRI SAT SUN, public holidays and every day school holidays.

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Try the best taco in Australia! Baja Tacos....

Have you ever craved tacos just like you get in SoCal and Baja? Baja Tacos uses fresh locally caught & produced meat, fish and vegetables to provide a great taco that is healthy and tasty. We provide a huge selection of authentic Mexican hot sauces. Mild to firey hot, we have you covered.


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Rosetta's is proud to represent a standard of knowledge, expert advice and quality service that only an independently owned store can provide.

Rosetta Books is a member of the Leading Edge Book group and we share a strong commitment to maintaining the high standard of independent bookstores in Australia. We offer a great depth of range, support for local authors and ‘that special something’ that makes us all love bookshops.

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Our bars are prepared from pure raw ingredients, many of them organically grown

We have a range of raw superfood bars, made from dried fruits, raw nuts and seeds only. We use no preservatives or any form of additives, just real food. Our bars are all vegan, gluten-free and paleo, with no added sugar.

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Locally crafted goods used in the conjunction with food handling – eg hand towels, tea towels, aprons, bags for bags

We are out there trying to spread the word about SugarCane juice Low in GI and packed full of nutrients.

Cane Hutt is a fresh and innovative market stall that operates at a range of farmers markets in South East Queensland, Australia. We freshly “press” (not juice) sugar cane to extract the juice onsite and provide thirsty market goers with a taste sensation that rehydrates and re-energizes.

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Our wine reflects our belief in a small, clean, local food production system. Taste the best organic wine Australia has to offer.

Our little vineyard is situated 5kms out of Nanango at 450m elevation on semi-fertile soil. Simplistic wine making.   We are part of the natural wine-making movement. This essentially means minimal or no filtering.  Wild fermentation is implemented with the red wines.  This means a 6 day ferment where 5 or 6 different wild yeasts are involved.  The difference is remarkable.  No fining added. (Vegan friendly).  No oak either.

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Spice Itt offer a huge range of quality A grade spices and spice blends with easy to follow recipes.

These recipes come from all around the world from Morocco to Kuala Lumpar, Madras to Cape Town, Mexico to Colombo. They can be fiery hot to mild and sweet.

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Our motto is ‘Quality Is Everything’, and if we didn’t believe and live it, we wouldn’t be here doing what we love, growing the best Limes available.

Nestled at the foothills of the Mt Boulder National Park in Queensland are the lush green Lime trees that make up the Suncoast Limes Orchard. With its deep rich sandy loam soils, pure Mountain springs and abundant natural rainfall it is the perfect place to grow what we consider to be Australia’s best Limes. Every Lime is selectively hand-picked by our team of experienced and passionate pickers to ensure only the very best Limes make it to market or into our products.

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Today, Merbye Farms has become the largest single farming operation of super sweet pineapples in Australia.

Merbye Farms began in the 1930s with Arthur Embrey, a wood cutter from Jimna who planted his first acre of pineapples in Wamuran, which located 11km west of Caboolture. After 84 years and five generations, Merbye Farms continues the proud tradition of farming pineapples in the Wamuran area while remaining under the ownership and operation of the Embrey family.

GOURMET AFRIKA products are produced in picturesque Maleny, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. We do not use any preservatives or artificial colourings, and the herbs used to enhance the products are from our own herb garden. The range of products is extensive, with many being traditional South African.

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my passion is for Australian indigenous tucker to become part of our everyday

Wholesaler and retailer of australian native foods herbs and spices, developing unique products for farmers and growers.

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local QLD handmade artisan cheese

Fresh, handcrafted cheese made in one of this country’s most beautiful regions. At Woombye Cheese Company we are passionate about cheese. Started by Graeme and Karen Paynter as an escape from corporate life, we have grown and expanded our range as customers all over Australia supported and shared our passion for handmade, artisan cheeses.

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sales & tastings of our range of cheese: triple cream brie, camembert, blackall blue, pesian feta
The Fat Hen Farm range showcases the family commitment to tasty, healthy produce grown on theirs and other local properties

Premium quality olives, extra virgin olive oil and infused extra virgin olive oils. Beautiful olive skin care range made with 100% plant ingredients. All produced at our family-owned, Queensland olive farm on the banks of Fat Hen Creek.

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Fresh Box connects you to local, organic and ecologically grown food, easy and conveniently. Organic and free from synthetics. Always encouraging sustainable practices that replenish and enhance the ecology of the system. Low food kilometres = less pollution, less roads and more heart on the journey to your table. Conveniently delivered = more time for your family and friends.

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Easy, Fast, Delicious & Nutritious Clean Eating Recipes!

Cassie Macdonald is a Personal Trainer and currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics in Queensland, she has a passion for food and understands how important your diet is in reaching your health and fitness goals.

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Our handmade range of cow and buffalo milk cheese boasts is of high quality and authentic flavour

Maleny Cheese Boutique Cheeses has been operating it’s boutique cheese and yoghurt factory in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Maleny since 2004. We are a dairy processing business that uses milk from exclusive fresh milk suppliers in the local area. We have grown to become a well known brand around Queensland and Australia. The rolling green hills of the Maleny area has been a dairying region for over 115 years, we are a trusted source of natural dairy products of excellence.

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Being a chef, Claude loves to cook with inspiration from all around the world.  Along with her partner Jon, Claude takes great care to produce delicious food that’s also good for you (the kind of food they love to eat too).  Take the time to work your way through the seriously delicious menu at Claude’s Food.

We are Sally and Peter, and we are Australia’s first certified organic feijoa growers

Hinterland Feijoas is certified organic  (OGA 1416A) and has approximately 700 feijoa trees with 6 varieties planted to give us the longest possible fresh fruit season with early, mid and late fruiting varieties. We use organic biological farming methods and no chemical inputs.

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If we don't trust an ingredient with our own children's skin or our own backyard, then we don't use it.

We’re a Noosa Hinterland based family business, passionate about making local, all natural cleaning products that actually work. We use only ingredients we would put in our own backyard or close to our children’s skin.

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We are Nathan & Jaclyn, husband & wife team and we make what we sell 🙂

Unique gluten free cakes, brownies, biscuits & raw vegan treats as well as wholesome hommus & salad using quality, local, organic & seasonal produce.

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Juice Power is an exciting concept where we are aiming to bring to the public healthier options,by using organic.nutrient rich locally sourced ingredients.

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Rhodavale pigs are happy pigs and happy pigs taste AMAZING!

Our farm is located on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Rhodavale pigs live outside in the grass, dirt & mud doing only what a pig does best, while still enjoying the safety, comfort and protection from predators, disease & the elements. Raised completely hormone & antibiotic free, life as a pig here is something a little bit special and results in a product that is second to none.

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You decide. That’s the beauty of alnatura wholefood market

alnatura wholefood market is your health food store where the food is put back into focus. We are revolutionising the way you shop for food, thanks to our modern, bulk-buy concept.Our concept let’s you actually see the food and you can buy in quantities as much or as little as needed.

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Bringing the spring to you

Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water are the leaders in the fight to help lighten your environmental footprint. Our operations enable us to run at the lowest carbon miles of any other drinking water available.

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Help us provide freedom, independence and mobility

Through partnership with our stakeholders, Guide Dogs Queensland will provide services which reduce the disadvantage of vision impairment. Our services will assist our clients to achieve their optimal level of mobility.

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we love people

A not-for-profit Humanity Organization reaching the Sunshine Coast with food and humanitarian aid. Our aim is to alleviate hunger by rescuing perishable, fresh and nutritious food and deliver it to disadvantaged, vulnerable people.  Fresh ‘Imperfect’ Food, often called “Food Rescue” to thousands of people weekly on the Sunshine Coast.

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fast, fresh, healthy

Swift Smoothies – The Ultimate Mobile Smoothie, Juice and Healthfood Business! Using local ingredients, and no nasties!

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Coral Tajine Catering are excited to bring fresh, exotic and exciting cuisine, that is guarenteed to impress

Sunshine Coast’s only Moroccan & Spanish Caterers, bring exotic, tasty and fresh cuisine to you. Previously running Restaurants for 8 years in Maroochydore, by popular demand, Coral Tajine evolved to catering.

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The Maple Street Co-op is a health food shop supplying local, organic, wholesome and ethical products while providing support and education to our members and the community.

We aim to promote healthy lifestyles by providing high-quality foods and products, created according to the principles of organic production, social ethics and environmental sensitivity, and making them available at a reasonable price to Co-op members and the community.

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People want better food. If it’s not from nature don’t use it.

Award winning cheese and butter maker, Camille Mortaud loves his lifestyle. He says that making traditional cheese and fermented butter has made him a happy man. “I enjoy it. It’s a way of life. Here at home, I do what I want.” Goat’s milk cheese is our trademark but we make cow’s milk cheese, cultured butter and crème fraiche. I prefer to use milk from local farmers because of the quality of the milk. It makes a difference when you make cheese.



Dan & Steph – Winners of My Kitchen Rules 2013. Owners of EAT at Dan & Steph’s eatery in Hervey Bay

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farmhands have joined the ride, working towards the common goal of growing organic food while increasing biodiversity of a once-neglected piece of land

Nestled in the hills behind Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast, The Falls Farm produces organic fruit, veges and herbs in the loving hands of a green-thumbed family.  Since August 2013, The Falls Farm has been worked using a combination of traditional farming techniques and the latest organic soil knowledge. Through visioning workshops, planning days, consultation with landcare groups and permaculture experts, The Farm has evolved from a degraded 18-acre property to a fully blossoming market garden of everyday and obscure veges for the curious.

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Where possible, produce is sourced locally and always made on the premises with love

Hungry Feel Eating House, a place for you to eat well, drink well and enjoy the company you share. Hungry Feel believes in GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL.We use fresh local and seasonal produce with respect.Our kitchen team sources quality ingredients from local businesses and producers from Buderim as well as the greater Sunshine Coast thus keeping our food miles minimal. We strive for consistency in every aspect of your dining experience. We thank you for supporting us so in turn we can support others.

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Moda Restaurant is a stylish relaxed oasis set in the heart of Brisbane city, and is led by well-known chef Javier Codina. Javier has excellent relationships with the growers and suppliers of fresh local produce. He visits the markets before dawn to personally select the ingredients to fuel his daily inspiration.

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Sinchies allow you to feed your children healthier, additive and preservative free food whilst on the run, out and about or at school!

Save money and time when you’re on the go, with Sinchies food pouches. Fill your reusable food pouches with healthy homemade goodness, baby food, yoghurt, jelly, purees and much more. Using our reusable food pouches are not only kind on the environment but will also save you money compared buying the pre filled squeezies.

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taste the difference

Montville Mist Springwater was established in 1998 and has been servicing South East Qld for the past 17 years.  We are located in a unique and pristine environment in Montville,  perfect to capture pure spring water.

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The quality of Queensland wines is now recognized as being equal to the best in Australia.

Bent Road Winery and vineyards are nestled in a small valley at an altitude of 770m, surrounded by untouched Australian bush.  This is big sky country – fresh air and wilderness.  Kangaroos, wallabies and wild deer roam the property.  We’ve even seen a couple of elusive echidna and koalas!  The farm encompasses 40 hectares and includes picturesque wilderness areas along the Severn River.

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Our Gelati is made fresh daily, using the finest quality products and locally produced Guernsey milk. For the connoisseur, Colin James Fine Foods stocks a wide variety of gourmet cheeses in our walk in fromagerie.

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Every class is highly informative, hands-on and limited to a maximum of 12 people

The Tamarind Cooking School offers the opportunity to learn the intricacies of Thai cuisine from expert chefs in a state of the art cooking school, overlooking inspirational gardens in the heart of a beautiful rainforest. Our team of chefs teach in a simple, approachable way, enabling you to create five delicious Thai dishes that you are invited to enjoy at the end of the class, with a refreshing glass of wine.

We really enjoy what we do and we hope this shows in our product.

From our small batch roastery near Noosa QLD, we source and roast the finest quality coffee beans from all around the world. With the help of our passionate team, owner and operator Ben West has spent the last 10 years planning and executing how to ensure he offers customers the best coffee experience possible.

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Our Vision is to create a product that everyone loves, which makes a positive contribution to our local community and to the coffee growing cooperatives that supply us.

Established for 15 years, Montville Coffee has developed and achieved award winning blends through premium quality, Certified Organic and Fairtrade beans.

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The coffee industry is infectious because it is evolving and changing every day.

Here at the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery we have a passionate and professional team crafting our Multi-Award winning coffee and providing personalised service to our customers. Using decades of combined experience and passion for coffee, our Master Roasters delicately roast Monday to Friday to ensure our customers receive fresh, aromatic coffee every time.

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Simply the best cup of mud you will get on the sunny coast, hands down

Tim Adams Specialty Coffee (TASC) is the brainchild of award-winning Australian barista Tim Adams, and has been turning heads since its establishment in 2010. At TASC, we live and breathe exceptional coffee. In fact, we’re firm believers that a balanced diet consists of a coffee in each hand!

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The story of Clandestino Roasters really started back in the 1970’s when our old man, Perry was a 16 year old Macair pilot

We are a third generation cafe/restaurant family and we also fly planes. We have grown up in cafes, drinking espresso with our dad since we were in primary school. Back in those days dad used to add a squeeze of lime to his espresso to add brightness and citrus character reminiscent of the coffee he drank in Papua New Guinea.

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A great range of Single Origin coffees are now available via our website

An award winning Coffee Roastery situated in the beautiful town of yandina on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Preparing freshly roasted exotic single origins and blends for retail & wholesale, and a gourmet cafe.

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Freshness is the key. Within hours of the buffalos being milked on the Thompson’s farm in Witta Maleny, the cheeses are started.

At the Cedar Street Cheeserie in Maleny, Queensland, Trevor Hart makes fresh handcrafted cheeses from fresh local buffalo milk.  An artisinal cheesemaker, Trevor practises his craft using traditional farmhouse styles to create exceptional fresh cheeses. The traditional farmhouse process allows the cheeses gain a beautiful balance of flavour and texture. All cheeses are made by hand in small batches.

We are a cute hobby farm near in North Arm that has ducks, chickens, guinea pigs & other farm animals.

City Chicks Sunshine Coast – quality & fully vaccinated, hand raised purebred & hybrid chickens plus poultry supplies.

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As beer lovers ourselves, we are committed to sharing this passion with others, and are enthusiastic about helping to create a wider public recognition of “real beer”.

Sunshine Coast Brewery is a boutique brewery based in Kunda Park on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Founded in 1998, Sunshine Coast Brewery’s initial focus was making a fine local ginger beer.  Today the brewery delivers over a dozen different beers to the Australian Beer Drinking community.

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The team’s mission is to connect local people with local farms and to supply farm direct organic produce at affordable prices, all whilst supporting farmers who use ecologically responsible practices.

Frustrated with the lack of fresh produce on the coast and disillusioned with the current duopoly of the supermarket system Mick began working with local farmers and local communities to revolutionise the food system with a grass roots approach and bring together the “GoodLiving Food Cooperative”. The success of this experience led to increased demand, and the natural creation of Good Harvest; a locally owned, locally farmed, chemical free, organic, affordable consuming alternative.

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bees, raw honey, tastings, all things bees ...

Provides information to the community on the importance of bees in our environment and the benefits of raw honey.

local bee keepers will describe how honey is naturally produced and extracted, samples and sales of honey, live bee display
In the last 25 years, we’ve grown from a roadside stall to Australia’s largest one-stop destination for everything natural & organic.

Over 18,000 natural & organic products. Naturopathic services. Natural beauty therapists. Organic specialty food from our Cafe. A native & eco-friendly Garden Centre. A wholesale warehouse & manufacturing plant. Like-minded neighbours – organic butcher, Synerji natural fibre. clothing boutique & holistic health practitioners.

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Enjoy a quality learning experience at USC. You’re sure to rise, and shine!

USC students receive a high quality educational experience, while enjoying the relaxed lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers.

Students benefit from a friendly and supportive campus environment, access to highly qualified teaching staff, personal attention, and modern technology and facilities.

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Our nutritional focus is letting our bodies do what they do best; function efficiently

Private & Partner Health & Fitness Coaching, Primal Kids Classes, Teens & Adults Group Fitness, Workshops & Events, Blog, Paleo Cooking Demos , Sunshine Coast Paleo Lifestyle Meetup Group… and lots more!

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Where chickens do chickeny things, and chicken tastes like chicken no bull – literally!

We’re confident our chicken is the cleanest, simplest chicken you can buy anywhere in Australia. We buy the chicks as day olds – they are transported about 5 minutes by car to our farm. They are kept on our farm right through – and then are transported to the abattoir for the one bad day. They’re feed certified organic feed from a Queensland supplier.

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All our dosas are filled with raw seasonal salads too

The Dosa Deli is passionate about sourcing fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to fill our crispy dosa. This means that we have an ever changing menu of tasty options.

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Pathways Holistic Health is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical, natural and spiritual care. Pathways Holistic Health combines the elements of Science, Wisdom and Nature to assist people on their healing journey.

We here at Food Matters are committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.

Harvest Breads Cafe on The Esplanade, Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast, Australia. Organic artisan breads, cakes, pastries, bakery cafe and house made condiments.

Want to feed your family healthy food, then 100% Grass Fed beef is the premium red meat choice. You enjoy the health benefits whilst supporting a healthy life for the cattle, exerting less strain on the environment and allowing the farmers an engaging life on the land.

Catering for events, parties, festivals, fetes.

Free range & Bio dynamic Chicken, Queensland Free range Pork, Wild caught Norweign Salmon, Grass fed yearling Beef, New Zealand Venison, Seasonal Market Garden Herbs & Veg

Our milk is produced by pampered camels on our farm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Milking camels is not an easy process as camels are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures, living in matriarchal herds. It takes time to have a camel give trust and allow milking.

We set about creating, designing and developing blends of super antioxidant essential oils. Blended by our own hand, tested on us not animals and using majority of organic products where possible.

Welcome to Chef Favours we are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing high quality jars of jams, relishes, chutneys & caramelised onions for your special day.  We specialise in catering for Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays and Corporate Events.

CO YO Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative is a creamy delicious alternative to dairy yoghurt made from the creamy milk of the coconut with plant fed Probiotic cultures. This is vegan yogurt at it’s finest. Available as Natural or with Mango, Passionfruit and Mixed Berry in 250gm,400gm,700g,1kg containers.