JulieIntroducing our enthusiastic and hardworking team this year.

The team is led by Festival Director, Julie Shelton, who is a passionate supporter of local food producers.  Her vision for this area as a food destination will be further realised through this, the fifth annual celebration of Sunshine Coast food.



Jess Begun joined the team in 2012 as Program Director.  She is committed to activities that promote the resiliency of the community, with a special focus on arts and film.  Jess loves to promote the good food we enjoy in this beautiful region.



Leanne Collett has worked on the festival graphics for the last four years.  This year she is excited to ALSO be taking on the role of Exhibitor Coordinator and looks forward to getting to know a new aspect of festival life.  Leanne is passionate about eating good local food (cooked by others), and hence will embrace her time as part of the Real Food Festival office, where foods seems to accompany every staff meeting.



Undertaking an internship through the University of the Sunshine Coast, Hayley Battiston is eager to extend her knowledge base and feels she is very fortunate to be involved in the organisation of such a fabulous event (and we think she’s amazing!).  She has a deep love for cooking (and eating), and can’t wait to see the wide range of delicious, local food on display.


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